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Dr Akash Datt- Founder Fowler Dental

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Dr Akash Datt- Founder

Dr. Akash Datt graduated from the University of Western Ontario (UWO) with the dream of bettering as many smiles as possible during his career.

He is better known as Dr. Datt by his patients. During the initial years of his career, Dr. Datt worked as a dental associate in Downtown Toronto, Branford, Brampton, and Mississauga.  Until he finally realized that its time to open his own dental office.

Dr Datt believes that good skill goes hand in hand with good judgment and sophisticated equipment. Under the guidance of his mentors, he worked hard to developed his dental skill along with the sharpened his judgment.

He believes in comprehensive dental care focused around the individual needs and has special interest in surgical and conservative dentistry. He tries to make these procedures pain free and interactive with his patients, intently addressing all their needs. He believes that every individual is a different personality and depending on their needs he customizes the treatment plan individually as per the patient requirements. Patient satisfaction is his ultimate goal.

Dr Datt likes to stay fit by going on hikes and bicycling and loves to spend time with his family and friends exploring new cities and cuisines.

Dr Datt wants to make sure that his patients are comfortable and they look forward to their dental appointments

He is Looking forward to treating your dental needs and providing you with an everlasting perfect and healthy smile.

Mamta Datt

About Us

Mamta Datt - Office Manager

Mamta Datt, founder member of FOWLER DENTAL family, is in-charge of all managerial  and  administrative tasks of the office. She holds a  diploma in Medical Office Administration from Anderson college, Hamilton. Also, an educationist by profession, she brings over more than 20 years of educational experience and a track record of working in high pressure situations.

She believes in proper and timely allocation of work for the successful completion of daily tasks. Her disciplinary and organisational skills further helps to give her the best in everything she does. Mamta embraces a simple and healthy lifestyle. In her free time, she loves to dress up, and go on long drives. She also likes to cook for her family and friends.

PERFECTION is the mantra of her life!!

Raman - Administrative Assistant Fowler Dental

About Us

Raman - Administrative Assistant

Raman earned her diploma for Office Administration-Health Services from Sheridan College in 2018. She brings a year of experience in the medical field. She strives to provide each patient with a safe and comfortable environment to tackle their fear of any medical issues. Her leisure activities include dressing up, cooking food and hanging out with friends.

Fowler Dental About Us

About Us

Bena - Dental Assistant

Bena, is responsible for technical part of the office including sterilization and assisting Dr Datt. She is a great team player and loves being part of Fowler Dental. Bena enjoys providing our patients with the highest quality care possible and is happy to continue learning everyday from Dr Datt.

Bena enjoys clinical dentistry and helping patients have the best oral health possible in a stress-free environment. She likes to travel, listening music and reading books. 

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