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Whether you lack easy access to a dentist’s office, are unable to visit, or are just too busy, please consider Teledentistry from Fowler Dental. We'll find the solution that works for you.
Teledentistry, also known as remote dentistry, is an effective and increasingly popular solution for monitoring a patient’s oral health and providing dental care at a distance. If for any reason a patient cannot visit a dentist’s office, teledentistry allows them to get expert dental care from the comfort and safety of their homes. It often comes at lower costs, too.
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Teledentistry Dentistry

Telemedicine and Teledentistry

Teledentistry is part of telemedicine. This refers to any kind of health care service done at a distance. Clinical data and images are exchanged over remote distances by phone, email, app, etc. This enables remote dental consultation and treatment planning.

Teledentistry is not one service. Rather, it refers to a number of techniques and tools used to administer dental care at a distance. These include:


Remote Consultation:

using a video chat app, a patient and dentist can hold a live video 'virtual visit.' These virtual visits may deal with emergencies or routine dental care.


Electronic Prescriptions:

Dentists can use software to create and send prescriptions to patients. Antibiotics, non-narcotic pain medications, etc. can all be prescribed in this way. Doctors and patients can also electronically keep track of medication history, dosages, allergies, and so on.


Remote Patient Monitoring:

a patient’s medical and health data are collected via a device and app. The data are then sent to a healthcare provider. For example, daily brushing habits can be monitored to help prevent sepsis and other common problems.


Mobile Health:

this includes health care education, practice, and delivery done over mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and PDAs.

A word of caution:

surfing the web for dental advice or Googling “why does my tooth hurt?!” is not teledentistry. Don’t forget that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Take online dental advice with a grain of salt.

But when you use a phone or device to receive a professional dental consultation and diagnosis from an expert? That’s Teledentistry.

Why Choose Teledentistry

Teledentistry has many benefits for both patients and dentists.
Some of the most notable include:


Basic dental services such as consultation and data collection can be provided from the comfort of a patient’s home.

Reduced cost

Patients can save on transportation and other costs and will not be forced to leave work early to visit the dentist’s office. Teledentistry reduces office costs for dentists, who then pass the savings on to their patients.


Teledentistry provides access to dental care for people in remote or rural areas who may not have a dentist’s office nearby. Teledentistry is also beneficial for seniors or persons with disabilities who may not be able to physically visit a dentist’s office.

Increased dental capacity

Teledentistry enables dentists to provide care for many more people, and much more quickly, than would be possible in a physical office building.

Scheduling flexibility

People with many obligations and busy schedules have more opportunities to make a dental appointment.


Teledentistry allows for socially distant dentistry. This keeps dental professionals and patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency response

In the event of emergencies, patients can contact their dentist remotely and potentially avoid costly trips to the ER. This reduces overcrowding at local emergency rooms.

Access to Experts

Teledentistry, and Telehealth more generally, allows ERs and urgent care facilities to contact just the right expert for a particular situation, no matter where that expert lives or works.


Teledentistry is built on a groundwork of reliable, modern technology

When used by trained professionals or by patients with the right guidance, these tools can greatly expand access to dental care. Some of these tools are:

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