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Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga

Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga

Many times when patients have a hurting tooth, root canal is often found to be the ideal treatment solution for the problem. It is the most commonly performed endodontic treatment procedure. Fowler Dental performs root canal Mississauga treatment for dental problems related to the soft inner pulp. Some of the common causes of tooth irritation and inflammation that require this treatment include deep decay, trauma of the tooth, large fillings, repeated dental work, or a chipped tooth.

Common Dental Problems & Symptoms Requiring Root Canal

There are many types of tooth problems that cause infections to spread to the pulp. Once the infection worsens, it can affect the roots. Often, we have patients with traumatic injuries to the teeth who may have developed pulp infection.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of diseased pulp that require root canal Mississauga treatment are as follows:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot & cold temperatures
  • Abscess on the gums
  • Tenderness and/or swelling in the surrounding gums
  • Dark discoloration of the tooth
  • Pain upon application of pressure or chewing

Often, you may not show any symptoms at all. If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you immediately call our Mississauga dental office.

Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal procedures are required when the tooth nerve tissue degenerates. If the treatment is not performed in a timely manner, the infection can cause damage to the surrounding jawbone. We will provide the treatment to save the infected tooth. This will help keep the surrounding tissue healthy and prevent any inflammation. 

Fowler Dental, led by founder Dr. Akash Datt, uses the latest technologies to treat our patients. We use 3D imaging and digital radiographs to snap detailed images of the infected tooth’s anatomy. This allows us to get a clear view of the root canals and their conditions. We may also use dental operating microscopes for effective root canal therapy.

Effective Root Canal Therapy in Mississauga

Our root canal Mississauga treatment services are focused on saving your teeth. Besides the latest technologies, we use specialized techniques to provide you highest-quality care to save or restore your natural teeth. 

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, we recommend you to call our office. Our professional staff will ask you a few questions before fixing an appointment. You can reach us at +1 905-855-2996 or send us your queries from this page.

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