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Affordable Dentist In Mississauga

Affordable Dentist In Mississauga

The University of Toronto researchers recently published a study. It stays that many Canadians avoid dental care because they cannot afford the cost. This includes patients that suffer from tooth decay, severe toothache, and missing multiple teeth. Fowler Dental believes in providing complete dental care to our esteemed patients to address their unique needs. One of the key tenets that help us make this possible is by providing affordable dentist services in Mississauga, Ontario. We offer reasonable rates to make it possible for patients of all age groups to access different types of dental treatments. We believe that dental care should be accessible to everyone.

High Quality & Affordable Dentist Services

We don’t want you to have second thoughts about seeking quality dental care. You may need emergency dental treatment, dental implants, braces, Invisalign, or general dentistry services. Showcasing our dental clinic as an expensive dental care provider is not part of our strategy to promote ourselves as a high-end and trustworthy dental clinic. We always offer the highest-quality dental care and services while keeping our prices reasonable.

The cost of dental care can differ between dental clinics. However, they differ the most for procedures that are not covered under insurance. This includes:

  • Cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening, braces, and veneers.
  • Dental implants and more expensive procedures.


The cost of dental procedures in Canada depends mostly on the duration of the session. The more time is required to complete a procedure, the higher will be the cost. The efficiency of the dentist can make a big difference in saving time and costs. Choosing a dental clinic with experienced dentists and dental hygienists can help make a big difference in your cost savings.

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Affordable Dental Procedures

We are always striving to create beautiful smiles and restore oral hygiene. Our lead dentist and team leader, Dr. Akash Datt, strongly believes that a lot of factors need to come together to deliver on the expectations of our patients. This includes advanced skills, judgment, the latest equipment, and a courteous approach. Offering affordable dental care is one of the key aspects of our services.

As an affordable dentist, we make it possible for you to access different types of dental care services are prices you can afford.

Affordable Braces & Invisalign

Our affordable orthodontics treatment services focus on teeth straightening to help you get a beautiful smile. It will also improve your dental health.It is not just for kids, many adults also use braces and Invisalign for correcting crooked teeth and bite misalignments.

The main applications and benefits include:

  • Fixing unattractive gaps between teeth.
  • Aligning your bite.
  • Preventing speech problems.
  • Promoting general dental health.


Proper orthodontics laysthe foundation of general dental health.

Affordable Root Canal Treatment

When you have extensive and severe tooth decay, we may recommend root canal treatment. Just like any other dental care procedure, we are focused on keeping the costs low and affordable for you. Our affordable dentist will emphasize the need for this procedure if we assess that your natural teeth can be saved. The key benefits include:

  • Getting rid of the pain and infection.
  • Relieving pressure from inflammation in the tooth pulp.
  • Crowing can help regain natural color and smile.

The final step is the application of a crown that gives the look and feel of a natural tooth. If you think tooth extraction is a more affordable option, think again. It will require more follow-up appointments than your root canal treatment. You may also need to get dentures, implants, or bridges.

Affordable Emergency Dentist

If you or a loved one has a dental emergency, you can call us immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. Again, we take all the steps to make emergency dental care more affordable for our patients.

The common dental emergencies that our affordable dentist and dental assistants handle include:

  • Toothache: If you have a severe toothache, it may be associated with a dental abscess or an impacted tooth.
  • Lost Filling or Crown: This can cause serious pain. Our dentist will prepare your tooth and fit a new crown.
  • Jaw Swelling: An inflamed jaw can be caused by one or more dental issues. The causes can include infections, trauma, allergic reactions, and even medical issues.We will diagnose and identify the issue before providing the right care.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

We also provide affordable teeth whitening treatment. It will not only rejuvenate your smile, but your self-confidence and self-esteem will also get a boost.We provide individualized care to each patient.  There are different ways in which teeth can get stained. And there are different treatments for each cause.

Fowler Dental offers trustworthy services for many other dental problems. Our treatment solutions include dental implants, teeth cleaning, veneers, pediatric dentistry, wisdom tooth extraction, and much more. All these services are provided at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us

As an Affordable Dentist, we make all the efforts to understand your dental care needs. The treatment plan will be customized to your age, health, and needs. Our patients always cherish our safe, courteous, inviting, and relaxing dental office environment. When you visit our office, you can remain assured about a pleasant experience.

Whatever type of dental care you may need, you can call us right away at +1 905-855-2996. You can discuss your dental issue with Fowler Dental’s  knowledgeable staff before we fix an appointment for you. You may also write to us using this Online Form or at hello@fowlerdental.ca.


How Do I Choose an Affordable Dentist?

Besides asking them their rates for dental procedures, you should also check the following to find an affordable dentist:

  • Is the dental clinic located close to your home or work?
  • Is the dentist covered by your insurance?
  • Are their office hours convenient for you?


Their experience and skills also help reduce the time required for the treatment, thus saving you money.

How Can I Save Money on Dentures & Other Dental Fixtures?

If you want to save money on dentures and other dental fixtures, it is recommended to choose a dental office that has its onsite lab. This helps cut any of the middleman. Such a dental facility can promote forward most of the savings they make, thus making their services more affordable.

How Can Your Experience & Skills Make You a More Affordable Dentist?

When you visit an experienced and skilled dentist’s office, your treatment will take lesser time. This means lesser hours spent at our office while receiving treatment. This naturally translates into cost savings. Our specialized experience in different areas of dentistry means that we are able to provide high-quality services with minimum visits.

How are Dental Prices Calculated in Ontario?

Most dental care services are generally billed according to time. This is the general norm in Canada. The more time is needed to complete a procedure or session, the more will the service cost. The complexity of the procedure can also affect the cost. Thus, the knowledge, experience, and efficiency of the dentist play an important role in how much it can cost.


Fowler Dental is registered with dental discount network for students. This network’s purpose is to provide qualified students with a discount on dental services. It also links them with dental practitioners who can deliver high-quality dental care at an affordable cost. We are currently enrolled under following schools/universities which are a part of Student Dental Discount Network (Greenshield/StudentCentre) and Spencer Health Network (SpencerNetwork/Dental).
  • Algonquin College
  • Cambrian College
  • Canadore College
  • Centennial College
  • Confederation College
  • Durham College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Fleming College
  • George Brown College- International & ESL Students
  • Humber/ Guelph Humber-International Students
  • Lakeland College
  • Lambton College
  • Loyalist College
  • Michener Institute
  • Niagara College
  • Northern College-International Students
  • Pickering College
  • St. Clair College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Seneca College
  • Sheridan College (GuardMe)
  • Boreal Burman University
  • International Students King’s University
  • Lakehead University
  • McMaster University
  • Nipissing University
  • UNB Fredericton
  • UNB Saint John
  • University of Toronto
  • York University Grads

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