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Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga

A dental emergency can be scary and unexpected. Let’s talk about what constitutes an emergency and how to find a dentist if you ever find yourself with a dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga​

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can strike when you least expect them and often at the most inopportune time. A terrible spill down marble stairs or a mishap at a sports game. Whatever the circumstance, finding yourself in the middle of a dental emergency can cause panic to set in. It’s important to remain calm, however and focus on the type of emergency to know how to get the proper dental treatment for the problem.

Dental emergencies including cracked,chipped, knocked out teeth, missing crowns and fillings all demand immediate attention. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of these emergencies. If left untreated, it can result in permanent tooth loss. If you find yourself dealing with one of these dental emergencies, don’t hesitate. Take immediate action and get to a dental office right away. In the case of a cracked, chipped or knocked out tooth time is of the essence. You should try to put the tooth back into its socket and hold it there until you can get in to see the dentist. If this is not an option, then putting the tooth in a container submersed with milk, saliva, contact cleaning solution or a pinch of salt and tap water will keep it moist until you can get seen. Do not wait to be seen. Go immediately to ensure the best chance to save the tooth.

Terrible tooth pain very often is the result of serious Infections and abscesses. They should also be treated immediately because they could be a sign of something more serious. The goal of getting treated for an infection or abscess is to diagnose the extent of the condition before it gets worse. In some cases, dental infections could spread throughout the body causing more serious health conditions. That’s why it’s so important not to delay if you’re experiencing any kind of dental pain. Don’t think that it will just go away on its own because it’s not likely that it will.

How to find the right emergency dental clinic in Mississauga

The right dental treatment can not only repair oral health emergencies but can set you up for preventative dental health success. This means avoiding conditions like gum disease, infections and other complications which lead to emergency room visits. As you may already know, healthy oral habits built up daily can keep you from dealing with most dental problems. Of course, there are situations that happen in life that make it impossible to know if you’ll ever encounter one of the dental emergencies mentioned above.

The more preventative planning you can do before you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, the more peace of mind you’ll have that if this does happen to you, you already have a plan in place. That includes knowing which dental practice you want in your corner during a dental emergency. It’s always a great idea to establish a dentist in advance for cleanings as much as for future emergencies, should they happen to you.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga

Fowler Dental is an emergency dental clinic that can help when you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency. We believe that good health begins with a good smile. We aim to give each of our neighbors in the Mississauga area top notch quality dental services. We also take day appointments for non-emergency services. Our dental practice is available to you for all your dental needs. Satisfied patients have booked an appointment with us and have been satisfied with the results we’ve provided. We’d like to invite you to call to book your appointment with us today.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Mississauga

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